Adolf Hitler. The very words command fear and loathing. Everyone in our totalitarian democracy is expected to hate Hitler above all other humans.

And to make sure Hitler—and by extension all his admirers, former allies, and the German people—are hated for eternity, the Jews have manufactured some pretty bizarre propaganda.

We’re told that Hitler had but one testicle (some sources say he had three), suffered from syphilis and/or Parkinson’s disease, was a sexual pervert, and drank a daily cocktail of anywhere from 40 to 80 drugs, including rat poison. Of course, Hitler was also the biggest racist who ever lived as well as the biggest war criminal and mass murderer. Hell, he started World War II all by himself and plotted The Holocaust to boot. For good measure, he launched a corporate experiment in which the skin and hair of Jews were used to manufacture lamp shades and textiles. What better way to keep your naughty deeds secret than to turn them into a startup?

Unfortunately, the media can’t seem to agree on either the number or identity of the drugs Hitler allegedly used. Was he high on cocaine, LSD, chrystal meth, or airplane glue? Stories about Hitler’s bumbling as commander-in-chief are a little hard to believe when you consider that Hitler took on the four most powerful countries in the world simultaneously, winning a blitzkrieg victory over France and coming eerily close to defeating the British and Soviets. No U.S. pResident has ever done anything remotely similar.

Nor has any U.S. pResident written a book as popular as Hitler’s Mein Kampf. John F. Kennedy, who was a presidential author himself, apparently had some admiration for Hitler.

Hitler’s racism is a bit of a puzzle, too. Contrary to Western media reports, Hitler actually congratulated U.S. track star Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Ironically, Owens, who was black, was snubbed by his own pResident, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As for claims that Hitler wanted to conquer the world, well, he apparently did want to conquer the Soviet Union (as did Western powers). However, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon all trump Hitler as conquistadors.

Still, it would have been scary if a militaristic dictator like Hitler had acquired the atomic bomb. Fortunately, the U.S. won the race and dropped atomic bombs on civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Ironically, the death toll from U.S. fire bombings was even greater. Ask the survivors in Dresden, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.

Countless students of history have asked why Joseph Stalin, who is believed to have killed more people than Hitler did (even if we believe the Holocaust fairy tale), is so widely ignored. Come to think of it, Winston Churchill was a pretty amazing racist who was responsible for India’s Bengal famine. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t feel bad; it may have been swept even farther under the rug than Stalin’s Holodomor, a massive starvation imposed on Ukraine.

However, we must never associate the Holodomor with genocide, because there has only been one authentic genocide, and the victims were innocent Jews. On second thought, Jewish media whores now want us to believe that China is committing genocide against its Uyghur population.

Isn’t it amazing how conveniently flexible history is in the hands of media whores?

Unfortunately, we can never know the whole truth about Adolf Hitler. However, the mainstream narrative is about as accurate as the news reports we’ve been reading about the war in Ukraine.

Hitler may have been a monster, but he was hardly alone—and, like it or not, he did have a positive side. In fact, he was a veritable miracle worker who saved his country from the Great Depression while Americans were still digging ditches for FDR. Even more remarkable, Hitler’s economic miracle happened during peace time; FDR embraced war as an economic fix. For good measure, he helped bomb Europe back to the Stone Age, giving the U.S. a huge advantage in the global market place.

But could a rational person go so far as to hail Hitler as a hero? If you know the truth about the Jews, you might actually applaud Hitler for holding them accountable. I’m one of many people who kind of wish someone like Hitler could take control of the U.S. and fix some of our problems. Getting rid of the Jews would be a dynamite start.

But enough about Hitler. What about you?

Unless you’re from another planet (or another country), you probably hate Hitler with all your heart. However, what do you actually know about Hitler? Why don’t you have such a fervent hatred of Stalin and Churchill? Could it be because most of Churchill’s victims weren’t Jews, or even white? Do you even have a clue about the colonial French exploitation of Africa and Asia? What about the American Holocaust?

Is it possible that you might be a bigger racist than Hitler?

If you were the leader of a country that was surrounded by powerful, evil enemies and was being rotted from within by lying, conniving Jews, what would you do? If the U.S. can come out swinging every time it feels threatened by an island in the Caribbean, wouldn’t it be appropriate to stand up to the colonial British and French, along with the Soviet communists?

These are among the questions I’ll explore in my book The Hitler Paradox, which will tentatively be published in 2023. Let’s hope the Jews—who many people believe started both world wars—don’t start World War III before then.

This website was launched on October 1, 2022.